Site 37 is a Research Facility for the SCP Foundation

You are a researcher for Site 37 tasked with archiving and reviewing SCP data. In some cases, this will include playing through retrieved footage of encounters with SCP objects or digital reenactments of recorded accounts.

In the game, the player will be able to access an "SCP-OS" at the computer on the desk in the research lab that they will be located in. Near the desk a holographic projector will show different SCP's depending on what the player chooses. The projector will also be accessible via a console in front of it. 

Some SCP entries in the SCP-OS may only be information from the SCP wiki (credited to each author) with a model that can be displayed on the holographic projector. Some, however, will contain "missions" based on eyewitness accounts, found footage, or simulations. 

The player as the researcher is rather safe at Site 37. However, the unfortunate individuals that had contact with SCP objects were not. Each mission will tell their own story be it "found footage" or a simulation. 

Site 37 uses Unreal Engine 4.

Other tools used:

Substance Painter
Substance Designer


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