Frequently Asked Questions


What is the story of Site 37?

In Site 37, the player takes on the role of a researcher/archiver for The Foundation. Their job is to review submitted and archived reports on various SCP objects. This would include footage, images, etc...

As far as continuity with the official Wiki, I will be trying to stick to the articles as closely as I can but will make changes for gameplay reasons. As far as the game is concerned - whatever shows up in the game is the lore for the game. If an SCP does not show up in the game, it may as well be considered not "lore" for the game until it appears. The same goes for any changes made (if any) to objects / articles.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. This is a game I am making as a hobby and not for financial gain. If, for some reason, you feel like donating money you can do so via the Patreon link on this website. However, that will never be required to play and no one is obligated to donate anything.

Also, there won’t be any kind of microtransactions in the game - there will never be any reason to spend money to play any part of this game.

What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay will consist of the player launching “footage” or “simulations” of sightings or interactions with SCP’s as the in-game missions. The missions themselves will vary from SCP to SCP. For example, the mission could be found footage (which the player will actually play through and have full control of the subject recording the footage) of an urban explorer that has an unfortunate run-in with a Keter level SCP. Each mission will be self contained and be able to focus on the SCP object it is about. One way to think of it is like Tales from the Crypt or Twilight Zone. Each episode had a story unique to just that episode. This lets us fully focus on an SCP without concern of connecting it to any overarching story. It also allows us to release the game sooner with a couple of missions and then add content down the line with more missions.

Will there be multiplayer?

Not at release. I may think of some multiplayer modes down the line but it is definitely no where near the top of the list of things to do.

What SCP objects will be in the game?

There is no definitive list of SCP’s as any could potentially be added to the game due to the structure of the missions. Since, story wise, you are essentially at a computer in an office reviewing case documents, they could be of any SCP - contained or not - in the SCP lore.

Will every SCP object have a mission in the game?

No. Some objects may not be very interesting to center an entire mission after (such as the Skeleton Key, for example). These objects can still show up in the SCP-OS database or be sent to the holographic projector for some interaction while in the research office. I will be focusing mostly the Series I objects with very little exception.

Can I help you with this game?

Currently we are not looking for additional help. This is a hobby project of mine and though it will take quite some time to push out a release, I am focusing on doing most of the work that I can with some help that I already have.

Can I stream / make videos of the game?

Yes. I will never issue any kind of content flags, takedowns, or copyright strikes for this game for any reason.

When will it be released?

There is no timetable for release other than “when it is ready”. Unfortunately this is not my full time job and is only a hobby at this time. As such, it will take some time to put out a product that I feel is ready to be played.

When it is released, how can I download it?

I plan to put the game up on Steam when it is ready for release so long as I don’t run into any complications. Other distribution may be considered as well and will be announced at a later date.