UPDATE: Research Room Progress Screenshots

For the last couple of weeks I have been hitting the research room pretty hard and wanted to get something presentable finished before showing it off. The research room will be the "hub" of sorts where the player will spend their time between missions so I wanted to make it look like it could be believable that soemone was working in this room including clutter.


The computer at the desk has a widget attached to it currently dubbed "SCP-OS" which will allow the player to jump into missions/simulations as well as read SCP information. For each SCP, it is planned that the player can "send" the SCP's model to the holographic projector which can also be controlled by a console in front of the projector (currently blank with no Widget as seen in the screenshots).

Holographic Projector

The holographic projector will be used to move and manipulate models displayed in it. These models will typically be SCP's. It will be controllable by the console in front of it as well as have soem control tied back into the SCP-OS.

NOTE: While I am showing off a lot of work and some completed models and textures, know that many textures are placeholders and are likely to be changed or tightened up. Also, the lighting in the room isn't quite how I like it yet so that will likely (hopefully) imporove in time.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this update as it is pretty close to the first finished area in the game and I would love to read your comments and feedback.