Development Streams

Initial plans are underway to start providing live streams of game development for Site 37.

I likely will not stream everything that I work on if only to keep some things a surprise for gameplay later. Either way, if you watch the streams (or the archives) do so at your own risk as there will be spoilers for the game.

I have added a stream link to the top of the website that will take you to a page with the embeded stream. If you want to participate in chat, you can also go to the twitch page itself.

I use the same twitch page for my normal streaming so the streams I do will not always be Site 37 related. All Site 37 related streams will be announced on the discord server, however. I will also upload archived streams to the Montauk youtube page for later viewing. I will also post news updates for each stream with a summary of what was worked on during that stream.

Though not traditional updates as before, the streams will provide live updates and content creation for the game along with interaction where I can read and reply to questions and suggestions during the streams.