Some SCP Work / Containment


Lately I have focused my attention on creating a few SCP objects and some containment props which will mostly be used for pictures found in the files in the SCP-OS. My goal is to not use any of the images found directly on the SCP website and instead recreate them in-engine for the game.

A side effect of this is that I will have a lot of facility-based props for containment which could be used in future missions/game modes. Again, as mentioned in the previous update, all of this is done from scratch so it has taken quite a bit of time to even get through these SCP objects and props.

Here's some of the work I have so far:

Environment Tests and More Assets

I have continued work on creating more assets and textures as well as putting them all together in UE4 to make mock environments to get an idea how they will feel in the final product so that it is easier for me to make changes now instead of finding out something doesn't "fit" later on and causing me headaches down the road.

Keep in mind that the lighting in these pictures is not final and while I am happier with the models and textures in what I am showing, there are changes and improvements still to be made.