The Rough Roadmap

Though I have written up the general idea behind the game, I have not shared the (very rough) roadmap that I have planned out before the game is released.

Since missions and content could be added to the game when they are ready and since each mission is self-contained in its own story, I want to have the following done before I release it to be played:

  • At least one or two full missions. Currently, I am working on the "Urban Exploration" mission which will take place in an abandoned private school where the urban explorer will have an encounter with SCP-106.
  • Several SCP's added to the SCP-OS and holographic projector that will likely not get missions. Such SCP's will likely be safe objects such as the skeleton key.
  • All of the UI, loading screens, and menu elements which will tie together the missions with the researcher and the research lab at Site 37.

While I know that only having a couple of missions ready when released will leave the game somewhat short initially, I would like to have something out there in the player's hands as even just working on the Urban Exploration mission has taken quite a considerable amount of time and effort to make and I am still nowhere near close to being finished with it. Keep in mind that just about every asset, texture, blueprint, etc. is made from scratch. This takes time.

Eventually I may get around to making a proper roadmap with different milestones in order to keep everyone a bit more updated and I still plan to share images and videos as I continue work but I also want to make sure I have something worth sharing.